To access the Fraser Coast Planning Scheme 2014

Click on the "ePlan" link in the right hand side menu.

The current version of the planning scheme will appear on screen, click the “Go” tab at the bottom left hand side of the page. Links to the planning scheme parts and schedules are displayed in the left hand side menu. Click on the relevant part of the planning scheme you wish to view, a link is provided to each individual section within the selected part.

To customise your ePlan

The ePlan provides "Bookmark" and "Add Notes" functionality identified by symbols in the top right hand side of the page. By utilising these options you are able to customise the bookmark and add notes section to reflect your specific subject.    
The top menu bar in the ePlan contains a "Bookmarks" tab from here you can manage, edit and delete your bookmarks.

Bookmarks and notes can also be managed in the “Profile” option located in the top menu bar along the top of the page. When you select the "Manage Bookmarks" or the "Manage Notes" option a list of your current bookmarks or notes will be displayed, you can view, edit or delete the entries from this menu.

A "Print" link is provided enabling you to print the individual sections and parts of the planning scheme. There is also a "Search" function provided which has a number of options available.

Coming soon - Land use enquiry

The "New Enquiry" function is not currently in use. This function will be made available with the release of the Land Use enquiry, expected to be released in mid 2015.